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This delivery service can serve a traditional Chinese feast

MANILA -- Traipsing through the backstreets of Binondo and Banawe used to be the only way to get heritage dishes. But in these days where good food is just a click away, home-based Wok With Mom delivers Chinese food that will take you back into the Chinoy family dining rooms of old Chinatown.
This delivery service offers the traditional recipes of Gemma Lim, who used to teach Chinese cooking at their old residence in Binondo. She even operated a Chinese restaurant called Bridge View at the foot of Jones Bridge that was destroyed during the great fire in that area several decades ago.
Her daughter, Oi, took a break from her long-time BPO career and convinced her to bring her food back to the public palate. As family and friends started to savor her Eight Treasure Chicken, word got around to get the Lim’s kitchen buzzing with activity once more.
What’s interesting about Wok with Mom’s menu is that there are only six items on it. The mother and daughter team trimmed the fat by focusing on quality over quantity. This was a major leap from the first version of the menu which had only one item on it. Eventually, customers started asking for more types of entrees like noodles, and vegetarian options.
Here's a quick peek into the Wok with Mom’s menu:

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